Sean Hughes

Job: General Manager
Hobbies: Any actvities involving my kids, plus golfing with my buddies
Favorite tool: 56-degree sand wedge and Ping putter (or a flashlight for inspecting guys' work...)
Favorite smell: Ribs on the BBQ

Joshua Renich

Job: Project Manager
Hobbies: Riding dirt bikes and motorcycles
Favorite tool: 18v Makita Impact Drill
Favorite smell: Captain’s blend pipe tobacco

Mitch Ho

Job: Business Administration
Hobbies: Sports, Fantasy football, basketball, watching TV shows
Favorite tool: Milwaukee 12v impact driver (my only tool)
Favorite smell: Coffee

Dick Crowe

Job: Estimator and Field Manager
Hobbies: Golf, running, fixing old stuff that my wife would rather replace with something new, being a dad
Favorite tool: Cordless Drill
Favorite smell: The beach

Jacob R. Dazey

Job: Field Operations
Hobbies: Sound engineering, woodworking, and building furniture
Favorite tool: Festool Domino
Favorite smell: Early morning at the beach during the summer after a light rainfall the night before

Mike Cox

Job: Project Management
Hobbies: Working on my own house and doing it the hard way. Camping in the summer.
Favorite tool: Anything Festool - they are the best tools on the planet
Favorite smell: Wet boulder

Chad Wheeler

Job: Project Management
Hobbies: Camping
Favorite tool: Japanese saw
Favorite smell: BBQ

Tim Shuck

Job: Operations/Project Management
Hobbies: Restoring my 1960 Airstream
Favorite tool: Festool plunge cut saw and MFT table
Favorite smell: A dewy evergreen forest

Ryan Anderson

Job: Owner
Hobbies: Music, creating anything, reading novels
Favorite tool: Biscuit joiner
Favorite smell: Campfire and outdoor cigarette smoke